Philippine Standard Time:

                  Col. E. De Leon Elementary School, by virtue of DepEd Order no.29 s.2021 paragraph 22, conducted a 5-day in–service training. The first two days were used to evaluate the school’s progress attained in the implementation of the educational programs, projects, and activities (PPAs) and the review of IPCRF of the teachers. The remaining three days focused on the teachers’ continued professional development and preparation for Quarter instructional materials. CEDLES conducted the Mid-year Virtual In – service Training via Zoom from January 31 to February 5, 2022, excluding February 1 to give way to the national celebration of Chinese New Year. The teaching force of CEDLES were in full force garnering a perfect attendance all throughout the five-day webinar. In-Service training is the main avenue where teachers acquire new knowledge and be equipped with updated strategies, develop innovation, establish a learner-centered culture through different applications to be used in distance learning.

               All topics were based on Electronic Assessment Tool (E-SAT). In the E-SAT result, the various needs and development of the teachers were determined first before drafting the matrix of the INSET. Each day started with the preliminary activities followed by the topics assigned to speakers and ended in an online evaluation.

                Indeed, technology cannot replace teachers, yet technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational. Through this training, teachers can refresh and upskill their ICT skills which can help teachers to formulate, plan, and design or change the platform that they are using in distance learning.

              The success of this VINSET was evident in the output, feedback, and evaluation. All teachers submitted their outputs in Canva, Class Point, screen recording videos, instructional materials, and the RPMS e-portfolio mid-year review.

                                                                                             –  JOSEPHINE T. PABALAY