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The abrupt shift to distance learning directly challenged the knowledge, mindsets and skills of the teachers. Upskilling benefits the teachers in the following ways: 

  • helps teachers to explore new avenues to encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and achieve things they never thought possible. 
  • Develop new strategic teaching techniques as they blend with the rise of technology in order to avoid being overshadowed by the learners.

Teachers’ Webinar on Different Learning Platforms

An event that aims to help improve the teaching skills of teachers for various modalities was launched last August 25
27 2020 A total of 61 teacher participants, attended the said event via Google Meet

The event tackled the following agenda how to create events via google calendar, generating a google meet conference and google meet link, using google forms to gather learners’ attendance and quiz forms, using google drive to create folders and upload documents, creating google sheets and google docs, activating google accounts, manipulation of google classroom (creating classes), and lastly, conducting live streams. Each part of the event was headed by different teachers

The event helped the teachers to be familiar on the way technologies work and develop strategies to deliver their lessons effectively and efficiently It also support teachers assess ways that best guide them to deliver discussions and to teach lessons, as per what the pupils could comprehend a move to innovate Philippine education.

#Sulong Edukalidad

                                                                                                                    -Judy Espera