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Project CEDLES MTs: Content Enrichment Directing to Level Up and Enhance Skills in Mathematics Teachers

        Mathematics plays a crucial role in the modern world. It has connection in science, technology, business, and society. Knowledge of math not only makes life easier by enabling you to navigate through daily life but also to understand the intricacies of the world. Furthermore, since math is associated with the financial industry, it can be very useful in economic advancement.

         As giver of knowledge, teachers must be equipped with competence, proficiency, and expertise in numeracy so that they can impart mathematical skills accurately.  

        One of the components of the school-based Learning Action Cell (SLAC) for the month of March is the Project MTs (Content Enrichment Directing to Level Up and Enhance Skills in Mathematics Teachers) spearheaded by PSDS of District II Dr. Ma Dolora M. Zaragoza.  

        The content enrichment in Mathematics helps not only the teachers to grow professionally but also allows them to extend their expertise to the pupils they teach. The said project was carried out from March 15, March 27, April 14, April 20, and May 11, 2023.

         The project concluded with five productive sessions that discussed various mathematical concepts and skills required in teaching Mathematics.

         Numerous exercises were provided to help teachers improve their abilities in numeracy. From the beginning to the end of the four-day program, or throughout, teachers are very cooperative and engaged.

      Imelda D. Carina, a grade 5 teacher, stated, “Even though I am not teaching mathematics this school year, I am grateful that my mind was refreshed again with fundamental and advanced arithmetic skills and concepts”.

-Joan A. Balbin