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        The need to perform better is vital in every institution. The orientation on PRIME HRM in Col. E. De Leon Elementary School takes place last August 9, 2021. PRIME-HRM stands for “Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management.” It is participated by all teaching and non- teaching staff of the school.

      PRIME -HRM aims to elevate public sector human resource management to a level of excellence through the assessment, assistance, and awarding processes of HRM Systems, Practices, and Competencies using HRM maturity level indicators that are at par with global HRM standards.

       It provides agencies a sound check on the maturity and proficiency levels for the four core HRM systems namely: 1) Recruitment, Selection, and Placement (RSP), 2) Learning and Development (L&D), 3) Performance Management (PM), and 4) Rewards and Recognition (R&R). 

      These four core HRM systems are deemed the heart of PRIME-HRM because they encompass all the essential people requirements of Attraction, Engagement, Performance, Motivation, and Retention of any organization. By recognizing these organizational gaps in the areas of practices and systems, key agency stakeholders can then map out strategies that should result in the improvements in their HRM systems and practices.

      Several respected speakers, Cristy G. Montano, Master Teacher I discussed Recruitment, Selection, and Placement (RSP), Annalee I. Taleon, Master Teacher I, talked about Performance Management (PM), Jescyl A. Oserin, Teacher III, tackled Learning and Development (L&D), and Noel L. Lovino, Master Teacher II talked through Rewards and Recognition (R&R).

    “We must demonstrate exemplary leadership skills and enhance the performance indicators of our school. This PRIME -HRM ensures that the organization leads by example and the firm’s actions fall in line with its vision. It is definitely true that it helps bridge the gap between employees’ performance and the organization’s strategic objectives,” said Dr. Susan J. Corro, principal of Col. E. De Leon Elementary School.  

               -JESCYL A. OSERIN