Philippine Standard Time:


                   While the students were on semestral break, the teaching force of Col. E. De Leon Elementary School used this valuable time on worthwhile pursuit by  conducting its mid – year In Service Training (INSET) for teachers on January 24-25 and 28-30, 2023 as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2023 issued by the National Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) in its Implementing Guidelines on the School Calendar and Activities for the School Year 2023 – 2024.

                  The training was carefully designed by master teachers Noel Lovino and Rowena Cutchon with their technical working group Alvin Morano, Regina Francisco, Lucille Mendez, Isadora Magbuhos with topics deemed relevant to professional development of the teachers and learning of the student.

                  The five – day training was divided into two parts. The first three days were spent on timely topics such as: Socio – Emotional Learning (SEL), Literacy and Numeracy Program, Microsoft 365 Productivity Online Training, Selection and Promotion of teachers, National Reading program, safe Spaces Act, Instructional plan on Literacy, Numeracy and SEL and, result of CLADAsia. The last two days were devoted on Mid – Year Performance Review and Evaluation Review of teachers and making instructional materials.

                 The resource speakers for this INSET were teachers who were sent to division and regional trainings to effectively cascade knowledge and information to their co – workers. They were Jescyl Oserin, Joan Balbin, Marydith Tulay, Alvin Morano, Maricel De Leon and Annalee Taleon. CEDLES was also fortunate to also have Dr. Rodrigo Morales and Dr. Edwin S. Doria, Education Program Supervisor in English and Filipino respectively as speakers.

                Throughout the duration of the training the Human Resource Development Team of SDO Parañaque were deployed to monitor the conduct of the activities. Dr. Leah Sudsakorn, Senior Education Program Specialist made it to CEDLES and had only praise and positive review of the conduct of the INSET.

                In the journey of life learning is inevitable and continuous. Although learning is not a conscious effort for everyone, for teachers it is an endeavor that they make a conscious effort in the pursuit of excellence to provide quality education to students.