After almost one and a half years of distance learning modality, schools are gradually re-opening for limited face to face classes. Col. E. De Leon Elementary School (CEDLES) conducted not just one but two virtual meetings via Zoom namely: Parent Orientation and Re- Orientation IN OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF FACE–TO–FACE LEARNING MODALITY to fully grasp all facets of this Limited face to face classes.

The Operational Guidelines stated in the DepEd-DOH Joint Memorandum Circular No.01, s.2021 was thoroughly studied and explained in detail by each speaker in the orientation so that it will be understood completely by every teacher, non-teaching personnel and especially by the parents of each learner. The following are the contents of the Operational Guidelines:        

Eligibility of participants to the implementation of face-to-face classes, Safe Operation, Classroom Layout and Structure: ensuring that the school requires physical distancing of seats in each classroom; School Traffic Management: establish safe entrance and exit procedures for all those entering the school. There shall be separate entry and exit points in high traffic areas by installation of signages and marker. The drop-off and pick up points should be clearly identified and marked to prevent overcrowding in the hallway. Protective Measures and Hygiene and Sanitation Practice: CEDLES followed the basic requirements and standards in accordance with DepEd Order 10 s. 2016 which is entitled Comprehensive Water Sanitation and Hygiene which states that it shall set up and ensure the availability of proper sanitation and hygiene facilities. School Disinfection, Sanitation and Waste Management: keep to the memorandum of Department of Health (DOH) by following the guidelines on cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces,  ensures the proper disposal of infectious waste such as used of face masks and tissues  in correctly labelled trash bins with visual signages on proper waste management practices; 

Contingency Plan; Home-School Coordination; Guidance for class Scheduling: the school followed the maximum number of learners who are qualified to participate in face-to face classes as required in the guidelines, the class scheduling per grade level ensures the arrival, breaks, and dismissal time are organized to avoid crowding of learners in the school premises and Ensuring Teaching and Learning Delivery included  the Most Marginalized. CEDLES guaranteed that all the guidelines for the re-opening of classes were followed accordingly for the safety of all especially the learners.

The perceptions and reactions of the parents were quite mixed. Some parents welcomed the re-opening of face-to-face classes while others are worried over it. Re-opening of classes is a tremendous challenge and responsibility, but we need to move forward for the welfare of the learners.

Col. E. De Leon Elementary School ensures the safety of everyone with teachers and non-teaching staff fully vaccinated. Once again CEDLES reiterates that the Operational Guidelines of DepEd and DOH Joint Memorandum Circular No.01, s.2021 was followed to a T. The school also undergone a series of validation by the DepED Regional team and SDO Paraňaque.

“Your Safety is our Priority.”