Philippine Standard Time:

CEDLES MIDYEAR P.I.R. for SY 2022- 2023

Program Implementation Review (PIR) is an activity to review, assess, and evaluate programs, projects, and services to ascertain the level of their implementation and impact.

Col. E. De Leon Elementary School conducted PIR on December 16, 2022, to determine whether the school’s Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs) had succeeded in their goals and whether their budgetary requirements had been fulfilled or not.

The conduct of PIR was headed by the School Head Dr. Susan J. Corro. The PPA’s Implementers reported accomplishments including the budgetary concerns for programs, projects, and activities from January 2022 – December 2022.

The major goal of conducting PIR is to increase the success of each PPA’s planning and prevent budget transfers across PPAs. Careful planning should be done to have efficient and effective implementation of PPAs.

“The conduct of PIR in schools is evidence that the school is just being upfront about how the budget is being used”, according to Jescyl A. Oserin, grade 5 teacher.

– Joan A. Balbin