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Educational assessment also known as educational evaluation is a vital part of teaching. It determines whether the goals of education are being met. Or simply put students can see how they are doing in class. Furthermore, it also helps educators to determine their versatility and  effectiveness in teaching. By conducting assessment both the learners and the students benefit. In cognizance with this, Wilfredo E. Cabral, Regional Director of DepEd National Capital Region released a Regional Memorandum No- NCR 073, s. 2022 – the conduct of Mid-Year Leaning Assurance for Monitoring and Progress (LAMP2) assessment. Sixteen Grade 6 students of Col. E. De Leon Elementary School (CEDLES) successfully accomplished the Mid-Year LAMP2 Assessment last March 21-25, 2022.  Seven learners took their exam at the CEDLES ICT Room with parental consent and nine at their home.

The LAMP2 assessment is given to measure the learnings that they acquire from Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCS) of Quarters 1 and 2. Part A consists of twenty (20) items in English, twenty (20) items in Math, and ten (10) items in AP. Part B consists of twenty (20) items in Filipino, twenty (20) items in Science, and ten (10) items in ESP. Both Parts of the exam covered 1hour and 30 minutes. To fully implement this evaluation, a series of orientations had been done by the Curriculum and Implementation Division (CID) Chief, Supervisors, School Heads, Testing Coordinators, ICT Coordinators, Grade 6 teachers, parents, and sixteen students via Zoom. The Grade 6 subject teachers also conducted an online review via Google Meet last March 17, 2022, to gauge which among the five major subjects the students are struggling with.

 All the scores have been recorded and interpreted last March 4, 2022. Part A consisted of Math, English and AP got 72% (nearing mastery) while Part B which consisted of Filipino, Science, and ESP got 71%. The result implies that the learners are moving toward mastery which is 75%. Moreover, they find Filipino, Science, and ESP more difficult than Math, English, and AP.

With the result of the LAMP2 assessment the school is hoping for a 100% percent mastery at the end of School Year 2021-2022. Aside from communicating the result to parents and learners, the teachers are also expected to implement additional teaching methodologies, improve instructions, course materials and other areas to enrich or remediate the students to achieve the mastery level.