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                         “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”   -Bill Gates

The internet or broadband connection has become one of the most sought-after services from the time when the worldwide health epidemic forced many students to stay at home and study or work. Because of the shift from onsite learning to home schooling, Col. E. De Leon Elementary School (CEDLES) have recognized the need for a Wi-Fi connectivity for teachers to effectively reach learners from their homes. As of this moment CEDLES have three free Wi-Fi for all. This connectivity is under PROJECT ELO of the City Government of Paraňaque. The project aims the installation of expanding internet connectivity for our learners. The community of Parañaque achieved this new school facility via the efforts of SDO Paraňaque and Hon. Edwin L. Olivares. It is a source of pride and celebration for the school community, DepEd family and the entire city. Despite the global epidemic, CEDLES continues to provide high-quality education that is accessible and available to all. It is indeed a sign of unity, collaboration, and the inexhaustible efforts of the education sector to bring learning at every child’s doorstep. Through the years CEDLES have achieved a series of milestone and this is one of them..

The school was under construction at the time of the installation, so the cable was only installed in one building but now that the building is already completed, the internet cables have been extended to other areas of the school. The cable link internet provider was installed last November 19, 2020, with eight access point of internet connection in and out of the school campus. It has been extended on the 3rd day of March 2022 through the initiative of our school principal, Dr. Susan J. Corro. On the other hand, I-One Access, another project of the city government aims at providing free internet to Barangay Moonwalk residents and was installed on February 25, 2022. The Free Wi-Fi for all has been running for two years now and hopefully will continue servicing Paraňaqueňos in the years to come.

The installation of free Wi-Fi hotspots in educational institutions complies with Republic Act 10929, also known as the “Free Internet Access in Public Places Act,” which requires the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to provide free internet access in public places like plazas, schools, Rural Health Units (RHUs), transportation terminals, airports, seaports, hospitals, and community quarantine sites. It is undeniably a big help to all members of the community.

The internet is indeed a blessing to humanity. It has its pros and cons though. But then the positive outcome brought about by the internet far outweighs the negative ones. As internet-user it should be use for good purpose that will yield positive results. Certainly, it has great impact on imparting education to children. If this is used in appropriate ways that meet children’s developmental level, they can learn and benefit from  it.

– Alvin N. Morano