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Brigada Pagbasa is a program that helps pupils enhance their reading skills. It broadens their intellectual capacity.

Richard Allington quoted that, “The best way to become a better reader is to read more.” That is why Col. E. De Leon Elementary School came up with a project that will help struggling readers improve their reading ability, help learners to develop their reading habits towards becoming independent reader and nurture a culture of love in reading at home.

After a series of meetings and planning, Brigada Pagbasa Coordinator and Reading Coordinator Mr. Gilbert M. Tumpang together with the Principal, Dr. Susan J. Corro, CEDLES started the implementation of Brigada Pagbasa last November 13, 2021.  

Fifteen Saturdays equivalent to fifteen learning sessions were set to be done based on the schedule released by SDO Paraňaque. One session is good for thirty minutes to one hour. Volunteer teachers were provided with materials. Individualized instruction was utilized to fully focus and address the needs of the learners. Tutorial was conducted through online, face-to face or on site.

Nine learning sessions had already been finished. Due to health break brought about by the sudden spike of covid cases, two consecutive sessions had been postponed. CEDLES Brigada Pagbasa is still ongoing and set to end by March.

Based on the feedbacks provided by the volunteer tutors, for nine weeks of implementation, there is significant improvement on the reading level of the identified readers under the non-reader/frustration level.

The ongoing conduct of Brigada Pagbasa hopefully ends with a heart enchanted with reading and draws a path leading to the journey of strengthening the learners’ reading skills.