Philippine Standard Time:

CEDLES Acknowledges Deserving Pupils for SY 2019-2020

Despite of pandemic, the school seeks a well-planned activity in recognizing a well- deserved pupil who have reached the excellent performance, receives medals and certificates presented by the advisers simultaneously in their respective online Teachers-Parents Group Chat from 9:00am -12;00 noon July 17, 2020. For academic awards, the school granted 13 silver medals for learners with high honors and 127 bronze medals for pupils  with honors and 10 gold medals for special awards. Dr. Susan J. Corro, the School Head congratulates the achievers as well as the parents with an inspiring message. The theme “Sulong Edukalidad: Championing the Nation’s Future” became a big challenge to everybody specially in this time of crisis, the period of adjustments for pupils, parents and teachers is questionable that this time, events, gatherings was prohibited due to COVID19.

In this program, advisers are still adjusting to the changes in the New Normal like doing activities virtually such as programs and meetings. One of the teachers in Grade 5, Jescyl A. Oserin   expresses congratulatory message in a meaningful and remarkable in a form of letter to her pupils. The program proves that the challenge of the New Normal education is not a hindrance that the administrators find a means to become a reality on how pupils accept this commendation with the presence of their parents  through the online platform and it made such a wonderful and fruitful experience to everyone.


 – Imelda Carina