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               Every year the education sector across the country celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as National Teacher’s Day. It recognizes dedicated educators across the country. The department of Education describes it “as a day of honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make in everyone’s lives.”. It is a day to honor teachers and the immense role they play in guiding children through the life-long learning process. Everybody would agree that teachers play a crucial role in educating children who are the hope of every country. This kind, patient, hardworking, dedicated and understanding professionals help mold children and guide them in positive directions. Surely, each one of us has been influenced by one of our teachers who encouraged and motivated us during our journey as a student.

              It is time to say “Thank You” to all the exceptional teachers out there especially now in this time of pandemic which has been one of the hardest years for teachers worldwide. By assigning a day fully dedicated to them is one way of showing appreciation to these amazing teachers. Col E. De Leon Elementary School recognizes, commends, and celebrates its teaching staff by having a virtual program especially dedicated for them on October 4, 2021. It was a merry occasion full of smile and laughter. For a change, the teachers were carefree inside the Google room. Once again, the teachers showcased their creativity and versatility in the various contest such as Tiktok Dance, Sing-a-Like, and Spoken Poetry. The poetry which was all original composition were exceptionally amazing.

             Several awards such as the Outstanding Award, Kahanga-hanga Award, Katapangan Award and Loyalty Award were given to chosen teachers who showed courage to help ease the burden brought about by the pandemic. They are the ones who bravely faced the challenges to help the school, their fellow teachers, and the learners cope in the new normal of education.

             Truly, teachers have given their heart and soul to the teaching profession. Through the years, their talents and contribution have helped the educational system it is today. The CEDLES community was genuinely delighted to come together virtually to honor them and celebrate this momentous occasion.

             Dear teachers, thank you to your dedication and commitment.

                                                                                                                                        – LUCILLE T. MENDEZ